Learn to Swing Dance at...
Lindy Hop - Swing - Solo Jazz - Charleston - Blues - Balboa - Boogie Woogie - Shag - Tap 

Leveldiscription Weekly Classes: 

We want to level our classes even as possible. It is in your own and other students interest that you are dancing and learning in the level which fits best. When you register, you register for the level you think it is best.
To help you pick the right level, check out the discriptions below. 

If you didn't follow regular classes lately, then it is best to start again where you stopped. To make sure you get into the feeling of Swing more easy. 

JazzOut will plan a level check with you if you are new at JazzOut or when they think that's necessary, JazzOut can place you in another level when they think that level suits you better. 

Lindy Hop 1a / b
(In general you join this block once, except when you missed a lot of classes or the basics do not want to settle with you, so you want to/have to practice them again.) 

If you are an absolute beginner. You haven't danced any Lindy hop yet or only followed a few try-outs. Then this is the level for you.
Also, If you want to learn the other role, this is your level.

We split level 1 in 2 parts of 6 classes, In the first 6 classes you will learn the 6-count basic steps and moves. In the second part you will learn the 8-count basic steps and moves. Everyone starts in 1a. 
If you have danced Boogie Woogie, Jive or Rock 'n Roll before it might be possible to start in 1b. Please contact us about this if this is the case. 

Lindy Hop 2
(You will repeat this block several times)

This level is split in a 2a and 2b. JazzOut will put you in the level what fits you best. 

You have followed 1 course to 1.5 year of regular classes. 
Minimal technical skills: 
- 6 count basics: Pass by, Trade places, Tuck Turn, Hip Hip Hooray
- 8 count basics: He goes, She goes, SwingOut, Lindy Circle
- Charleston Basic 

Lindy Hop 3
(You will repeat this block several times)

This level is split in a 3a and 3b. JazzOut will put you in the level what fits you best. 

You have followed at least 1.5 year of regular classes and dance at social dances
Minimal technical skills: 
- SwingOut variations like inside turn, outside turn and Texas Tommy
- Different Pass By variations, 
- Send Out variations
- Charleston Variations, like Hand-to-hand, Tandem
- Musicality: Breaks, 
- Sugarpush
- You are able to improvise in your dancing
- You can dance easily on a music speed upon 140BPM - click here to hear 140BPM

Solo Jazz Track

Every level of Solo dancer is welcome. We will differentiate in level and teach you cool moves, routines and a lot about body-awareness, posture, frame, bounce and body movement. 

JazzOut SwingFest levels

For the levels of JazzOut SwingFest, check out the leveldiscription under tab 'Jazzout SwingFest'